Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Day 111: Two-Block Meal By Request

I recently had a conversation about the "unrealistic" nature of a blog post that featured a "5 Block Burger". I said that I, and many others do indeed eat 5 block meals from time to time, and suggested just cutting it in half and eating it in two sittings. This suggestion was met with skepticism, so for your edification, here is a delicious, nutritious and strict 2 Block Breakfast. By the way for those who complain about not having enough time, this was finished by 6:22 (I got up at six), but that is a subject for another post. This is a high protein, low glycemic index meal with fats coming mostly from zone-friendly sources. The sausage has preservatives, but other than that, this is about as clean as it gets, and is very filling.

Total Blocks = 2

8AM cafe au lait = 1 block

Noon 4 oz chicken, ONE POUND Trader Joe's Mean Greens, garlic, hot pepper, 2 tbsp romanno cheese = 4 blocks

2PM 1/2 serving Greek Yogurt, 1/4 oz almonds, 1/4 apple, 1/2 scoop Max Muscle Gourmet Protein Powder = 2 blocks

5PM Muscle Milk Bar = 3 blocks

9PM chicken wings, hummus, pita at Parkway Theater = 5 blocks

Blocks Target = 16 blocks

Total Blocks = 17 blocks

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