Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day Ninety-Eight: Adult Bevs In The Zone

Some of you may be wondering if adult beverages fit into the zone. Indeed they do. Just don't have ANY other carbs if you are having more than one. Here is my heirachy of zone-friendly adult beverages

Most Favorable: Red Wine
Favorable: White Wine
Fairly Favorable: Spirits, Dark Beer, Lite Beer
Neutral: Regular Beer
Less Favorable: Liquors, anything with added sugar
Least Favorable: Calorie/Sugar Bombs: Margarita, Mudslide, Baily's, etc. Anything that tastes like dessert is not good.

8AM Cafe Au Lait, breakfast sandwich = 5.5 blocks +2x fat

Noon 2 Manhattans at Cesar along with three plates of cured meat and olives = 6 blocks +1x fat

4PM 3/8 cup steel cut oats, 2 turkey sausage patties, 2 eggs, pat butter = 4 blocks +1x fat

9PM 1 cup Greek Yogurt, 1 scoop Max Muscle Gourmet Protein, 1/4 oz nuts = 4 blocks

11:30PM 1/2 cup 2% milk = 1/2 block

Block Target = 20 blocks +1x fat

Block Total = 20 blocks +1x fat

None (rest day)

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