Monday, October 15, 2007

Day Ninety-Five: 3000 Cal a Day = Fat Loss

No "official" weigh in this week, however I could not resist getting on the scale, I'm weak. Anyway, I seem to have gained lean mass and lost fat mass (and also lost inches off of waist and hips, and gained inches on biceps) eating an average of 19.5 blocks +1.25x fat blocks. By the way if you are curious, that is about 2,950 calories a day, a fair amount. A block has about 140 calories on average, trust me on this (because you don't count the protein in broccoli, etc.).

Therefore: for the next two weeks, I will stick with my scheme of 20 blocks +1x fat, although I clearly will not reach my goal from THIS POST of 169 and 151 lean at 10.5% lean. Maybe I might get to 13% bodyfat at 172 lbs with lean mass of 149.5 lbs. I'm actually excited to start my next leaning phase! I really feel like I can use what I learned to take off fat without losing much muscle and get down to around 163-165 lbs with lean mass of 147-149 and bodyfat of 9-10%. So if all goes well I will be leaner than I have ever been measured at around December 15th. I only weighed 148 lbs in college, but I have no idea how lean I was. Pretty lean, I suppose.

10:30AM Breakfast Sandwich = 4 blocks +1x fat

2:30PM 3/8 cup steel cut oats, pat butter, 2 scoops Max Muscle Gourmet Protein Powder, 1/2 oz nuts = 4 blocks + 1x fat

5PM ISS OH YEAH! Bar = 3 blocks

9PM sourdough muffin, 6 oz. smoked ham, butter, mayo = 4 blocks +1x fat

Block Target = 20 +1x fat

Total Blocks = 15 +1x fat

5x5 Bench Press
135-185-197-197-197 (2 lb improvement)

"Fat Helen"
wearing 21# weight vest, 2 pood kettlebell, barefoot
time: 14:38

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steven said...

wow... been reading your blog... very detailed and impressive. Almost makes me want to be anal about keeping a training and diet log again =)