Saturday, August 7, 2010

Benchmark Update

I have not updated this blog in some time, however I have improved in quite a few areas.

I am currently doing Wendler's 5/3/1 and working out every other day. I am doing assistance exercises, conditioning and climbing all on the same day with a day off between everything, which is working well. Recommended for the over-40 set.

Benchmarks: recent PRs in italic;

-100 free squats L2
-295 lb back squat (1.5x bw) L3 April 2009
-405x2 lb deadlift 2.25x+ bw) L3 Aug 2010
-24 inch standing vertical jump L2 2009
-50Push-ups L2 Oct 2007
-30 Push-ups on rings L3
-235 lb Bench Press (1.3x bw) L3 Aug 2010
-175 lb Shoulder Press (.96x bw) L3 Aug 2010
-11 HSPU L3 July 2010
-21 Dip on rings L2 Oct 2007
-20-foot Rope Climb (no feet) L3 2006
-205 lb Power Clean L3 Aug 2010
-37 Pull-Ups L2 Aug 2010
18 C2B Pull-Ups 11-08
-2 Muscle-up on bar (perfect) L2 April 2008
-6 Muscle-ups on rings (kip) L2 April 2008
-3 Muscle-up on rings from full hang May 2008
-30 V-ups L2
-15 Hanging Knees to Elbows L2
-10 second L-sit L1
-195X2 lb OHS (1x+ bw) L3 CrossFit Games 2009
-Sandbag carry (modified) 100 lbs, 1 mile L3 2007
-2:50 min 800-meter Run L3 - Norcal Sectional 2010
-7:39 min 2000-meter Row May 2009
-Helen: 10:13 L2
-1 mile run 6:27 L2
-1:11 min 400-meter run L3 Jan 2010
-1:26 min 500-meter Row L3 Dec 2006
-135 lbs Power Snatch L2

Other Benchmarks:

-Cindy 21 + 8 push-ups December 2007
-Clean & Jerk 185 2009
-Fight Gone Bad 309 FGB IV 2009
-Fran 5:45 2007
-Filthy Fifty 21:30 2008
-Grace 4:08 Aug 2010
-Linda 22:31 11-07
-Push-Jerk 195 04.09
-Murph C2B/20# Vest 54:40 Oct 2008

Highest Grade Climbs:

5.11b on-sight 2010
V5 redpoint 2010

5.10a, redpoint 97 feet 2009

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Games Training WOD #5

1.    Jump rope: single-unders, alternating feet, high knees, one foot, front cross, backwards, then 30 double-unders (or 1X max consecutive) for time.
2.    Dynamic Stretching
3.    Dowel Movements:
i.       Behind the neck wide grip press moving into narrow grip as the shoulders warm up. 
ii.     Snatch hang position: shrug, muscle snatch, power snatch, and full squat snatch. 
iii.   Snatch bottom start position: snatch deadlift, snatch shrug, muscle snatch, power snatch, and full squat snatch. 
iv.   Jerk width grip grip and the dowel placed behind the neck: press, push press, jerk
v.     Clean hang position: shrug, muscle clean, power clean, and full squat clean. 
vi.   Clean bottom start position: clean deadlift, clean shrug, muscle clean, power clean, and full squat clean. 
4.    Run 800m at 80-85% of max perceived effort.  Minimize the sound of all footfalls as much as possible; if this requires slowing down to achieve desired effect slow down as much as necessary.
5.    3X10 wall ball full squat start and finish best form possible.  Think about following through on the finish to ensure that ball returns where you want it to.
6.    3X butterfly kipping pull-up practice or attempts.  Without letting go of the bar complete 3 C2B pull-ups after each attempt at the butterfly kips. 
7.    3X3 muscle-ups.  Use rings and the best form you are capable of. Break up the sets if necessary to perform with the best form that you are capable of.
8.    3X3 pistols each leg.  Use perfect form or as best as possible and minimum supported if necessary.
Workout: record results and numbers for now I will work on putting together a sheet for entering them into this weekend.
9.    Fran C2B (21-15-9 Thruster (95# men, 65# women), C2B pull-ups)
10.                     Rest 15 minutes keep warm
11.                     Row 2k
Cool Down:
12.                     Foam roll focusing particularly on sore or tight areas
13.                     Static stretching