Friday, October 2, 2009

Power Weight Challenge Day Five

Here is an excellent 3-block meal, courtesy of Trader Joe's

- 1 package Thai String Beans with 2/3 of 1 sauce pack (the sauce packs are mostly sugar and have 30 grams/3 blocks of total carb)
- 1 patty Trader Joe's 96/4% beef

Calories in: 1550
Calories out: 3300
Negative calorie balance: 1750

WOD "A" Row 5K 20:59
WOD "B" Boulder one hour (got a few V2s)

P/W Challenge Day Five: Equalibrium

Cal in: 2400
Cal out: 2800
Negative Cal balance = 400

WOD - none.

Ready to attack it again tomorrow.