Monday, October 15, 2007

Day Ninety-Four: Oyster Race, Never Again.

Six CFO'rs did the Oyster Race, along with two AMAZING support people, Melissa and Tom, thank you so much to them!!

This race: "The Ultimate Urban Adventure" (um, no) was everything CrossFit is not: long, boring tedious, lacking in imagination, etc. It is amazing to me that we as a culture consider this kind of this to be the paragon of fitness (Lance Armstrong, the Fittest Man Alive!). Of the ten skills of CrossFit, Strength, Cardio, Power, Speed, Stamina, Flexibility, Balance, Accuracy, Agility and Coordination, this race focused almost exclusively on cardio, with a touch of balance and stamina thrown in. At one point we were required to RIDE THE BUS (not a typo) for several hours. Ride the Bus?? Why not have us stand in line at the DMV or fill out forms at an IRS office! Grrrrrrr! Did I mention the urine-sodden wino who stood next to me?? When we finished (5 out of 7 events) we we told "Good work, you did not finish, but you did 7 hours of racing", like that was a good thing. Never, ever again will I do anything longer than 2 hours, maybe 4 on a bike.

I do have to say the first few events were OK, run for an hour or so, rollerblade over dangerous hills and onto the beach, bike/kyak. It was only when we were confronted with the amazing athletic activity of riding the bus (not a typo) that our attitudes really fell apart. Final word: I would never do this again, but I would do most anything with/for my teammates and support staff (did I mention how awesome they were?). Evelyn, Mike, Connie, Sam and I have now gone to quite a few things together now, here is hoping the next one is more "crossfitt-y". Did I mention that one of the events was to ride the bus!?!?

5:30 AM
3/8 cup steel cut oats, pat butter, 2 scoops Max Muscle Gourmet Protein Powder, 1/2 oz nuts = 4 blocks + 1x fat

9AM Builder Bar = 3 blocks

11AM nut/jerky/dried fruit mix = 4 blocks + 2x fat

1PM Builder Bar = 3 blocks

3PM nut/jerky/dried fruit mix = 4 blocks + 2x fat

5:30PM Big Cheeseburger on 1/2 bun, 2 slices pizza, cheesy potatoes = 12 blocks (high carb) +2x fat

7:30PM Ice cream sundae 4 blocks (high carb, high sugar) +3x fat

Total = 35 blocks + 2x fat (about 5,500 calories)

Oyster Race
Run 5 miles or so
Rollerblade 6 miles or so
Bike 7 miles or so
kayak 2 miles or so
Bike 7 miles or so
run 1 mile or so
Time: 7 hours

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