Friday, October 26, 2007

Day 106: Create Space For Success Part 1 of 4: What's in Yer Fridge?

I'm getting ready for what I hope is the penultimate push towards ideal body composition (goal, 10% bodyfat, ultimate goal 8% bodyfat). I did some shopping in preparation, just to make sure I had all the right foods from the jump: here is what is in my fridge now:

Protein: Milk, eggs, bottled egg whites, Greek 2% yogurt, cottage cheese, string cheese, buffalo meat, turkey sausage

Fats: butter, olives, lite mayo

Carbohydrate: Fresh vegetables (including a lot of time-saved pre-prepped vegetables), apples, Alvarado-Niles Diabetic Lifestyles Bread, whole wheat tortillas, mashed yam

Misc: condiments, fish oil

8AM Peet's Cafe Au Lait = 1 block

10AM Cliff Builder Bar (Recommended) with sunflower butter = 3 blocks +1x fat

Noon M open-face buffalo burger on Diabetic Lifestyles Bread (recommended), 1 string cheese, 2 cups broccoli, teaspoon olive oil = 4 blocks

4PM Trader Joe's Tuna In Green Curry Sauce (Recommended), 2 cups squash, teaspoon olive oil = 3 blocks

7PM Cliff Builder Bar (Recommended), 1 string cheese = 4 blocks +.5x fat

9PM Trader Joe's Tuna In Green Curry Sauce (Recommended), 1/2 bag Bird's Eye Steamfresh Vegetables (recommended) = 4 blocks

Block Target = 19 + .5x fat

Total Blocks = 18 blocks + .25x fat

None (rest day)


Sam said...

Why are you refrigerating your bananas? It's wrong, wrong I tell you!

Maximus Lewin said...

Oh that was just for the photo op. I rescued it immediately. Have no fear.