Friday, November 16, 2007

Day 124: Better Body Comp

Here is another positive body composition collage clockwise:

12.12.05 210 lbs 30% bodyfat 147 lean
12.12.06 181 lbs 18% bodyfat 148.5 lean
11.01.07 171 lbs 14% bodyfat 147 lean
11.15.07 168 lbs 13% bodyfat 146 lean

6AM 1 cup milk

8AM 1/2 lb Greens With Envy, 3 egg beaters, 1 egg, slice toast with bit of butter = 4 blocks

Noon: Blue Thunder, 12 almonds = 4 blocks

4PM Builder Bar = 3 blocks

9PM 8 oz Trader Joe's Hawaiian Style Ribs, cup veggies, 2 glasses red wine = 4 blocks + 2x fat

Block Target = 16 blocks

Block Total = 16 blocks +.4x fat

Time: DNF

Completed first two rounds + two thrusters in 3:55, could not continue, legs were about to seize up. I did not stick to my partitioning scheme, and did the first 21 thrusters unbroken. Major mistake.

15 Muscle-Ups, including 2x3 consecutive from a bent arm, kipping (pr)

Monkey Swing to Bar Muscle-Up (video of this when I get it dialed, fun)


Tim Rickards said...

Are you waxing, too?


Ev said...

No. But he does use coconut oil to get that high sheen, for better photos.
jk :)

Tim Rickards said...

Coconut oil or no, homeboy is looking pretty damn fierce.

Maximus Lewin said...

No, I'm naturally pretty smooth, but I would like to get ahold of the esthetician that the Spartans used.

Tim Rickards said...

Didn't they just use a dull razor blade or a sharp rock.

Happy 41, by the way.

Maximus Lewin said...

No way bra! Didn't you see "The 300"? Those guys had advanced depilatory technology!!