Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Day 117: I Found Crack In My Fridge!

I purchased a container of Trader Joe's Sunflower Butter a few weeks ago, at first, when I was not dieting, I did not notice anything strange...

BUT! When I started cutting back the calories, and, hence, the carbs, I started to have a strange craving for the supposed "nut butter". Yesterday I had two tablespoons of it at once despite my intentions. Slowly I turned (the label) AND THERE! Right there... I saw... the second ingredient is evaporated cane juice!!!

This product is absolutely delicious (much too delicious), but I can no longer recommend it. Anyone want 1/2 a jar of sunflower butter?

6AM Peet's Cafe Au Lait = 1 block

10AM Dal Makani, 4 oz chicken = 4 blocks

3PM 1 cup Greek yogurt, tablespoon peanut butter, 1/4 apple, 1 scoop Max Muscle Gourmet Protein Powder = 3 blocks +1x fat

5PM 1/2 apple, string cheese, teaspoon peanut butter = 1 block +3x fat

9PM 1 Fish Taco = 3 blocks +1x fat

10PM Indian Lamb Sausage, Roti = 7 blocks +1x fat

Block Target = 17 Blocks

Total Blocks = 19 blocks + 1x fat (oops)

105x15 Overhead Squats


Brenna said...

I am also on a diet and recently named Sunbutter CRACK! I think I ate 1/4 cup of the stuff on Monday. I decided I had to finish it so that it could no longer taunt me. I remember liking it before, but not as much as I did this week. Have you ever had chocolate and candy covered sunflower seeds? Almost as good. And also available at Trader Joe's.

Maximus Lewin said...

I sure have had the chocolate-covered crack seeds!