Saturday, August 16, 2008

CrossFit East Bay WOD 8-17-08 @ Ironworks


How many rounds in 20 minutes?

12 KB deadlift
3 KB clean left arm
3 KB push-press left arm
9 KB swing
3 KB clean left arm
3 KB push-press left arm

Men: 1.5 P

Women 1.0 P

Refer back to 3-02-08

We will do the national WOD:

Three rounds, 15-12- and 9 reps, for time of:
135 pound Thruster

on Thursday at GWPC.

Sub will be "Fran".


Anonymous said...

Oh, thank goodness, no running. You should post your owie picture here and see if anybody got the same from the pull-up/ring work out. I know how you did it. When you do muscle ups, the top of the pullup, where you transition into ring dip traces your chest. Multiply that times 150. It's because you do deep ring dips.

Elaine said...

12 Rounds + 5 DL using 12 KG

8 Rounds using 12 KG on 3/2/08

Anonymous said...

10 rounds + 12 DL w/ 16kg
I don't remember what I did on 3/2/08 but I want to say six. Now I really want to know. Where is that notebook...?

james c said...

6 rd + 3 pp left (28 kg bell)

Maeve said...

11 rds, 16 KG bell for everything but the left arm cleans and push presses. Yellow bell for that. I am sore today.