Wednesday, August 13, 2008

CrossFit East Bay WOD @ GWPC 8-14-08

Here is the first 5 feet of our 20-foot pull-up bar built by engineer, welder and bad-ass CrossFitter Daniel Hester. Per request of our taller members, this is a super-high pull-up bar (8' 6"), and we will be building plyo boxes in 20", 24" and 26" heights for our less-tall folks to get up to it. One bonus of such a high bar is that it will be ideal for hanging rings for muscle-ups for those of us of normal height or less. I also think it would be a fun idea to put some holds on the wall so one could climb up in a few easy moves.


For time

25 Squats
75 Double-Unders
50 Squats
50 Double-Unders
75 Squats
25 Double-Unders


For time:

528 burpees

Note: this is "all in" for the CFSC Burpee Challenge, 1 burpee first day, 2, burpees second day, 3 burpees third day ... 100 burpees hundredth day for a total of 5050 burpees.


Rebecca said...

the pullup bar is going to be neat - that space is looking more and more awesome! WTG :-D

Daniel said...

So awesome...

Anonymous said...

You cannot be serious about having folks choose between those two. That's like: You can eat this steak and broccoli or you can eat this half pound of rusty nails. Hilarious. Pull-up bar is awesome. I tried it last night and it's great to be able to pull your face over the bar without worrying about taking your teeth out. Sooooo cool! Thanks, Max and Daniel!