Tuesday, August 5, 2008

8-05-08: OWL

I am pleased with the results of Atkins on my body composition, and I lost the expected amount (8# in two weeks), all bodyfat.

It is clear to me that Atkins is not for athletes, but I am sold on a carbohydrate-restricted low-GI diet.

I'm taking the carbs up to 60 today and will see if I still produce ketones tomorrow. Atkins' recommendation is to go up 5g per week (i.e. 25 g this week) and limits most people to 90 g carb ultimately.

If I took that route, it would take 13 weeks just to get to that level and that is 13 weeks I don't have to spare as far as working on my other athletic goals for the quarter in preparation for CF games 2009:

Quarter One:

* Bodyfat 11% (currently 14%)
* Weight 165# (currently 172)
* Lean = 146 (currently 147)
* CFT 800: DONE
* Mile 6:30: DONE
* Fran 5:00 (currently 6:39)
* C&J 165 (UNK, might be able to do this now)

This diet was BRUTAL, even though there was no hunger, I felt pretty much like shit the whole time.

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Brian_PCF said...

Max, glad you tried Atkins so we could compare notes. I haven't seen the same decrease in performance that you have, so it might be interesting to swap info on specific foods consumed vice macronutrients composition.

Also, I posted a little about both of our results on Robb Wolf's blog:


I'm about to buy "42 Ways to Skin the Zone", his article in PerformanceMenu.com. I think it's safe to say that while Atkins perhaps does not produce optimum performance, strict Zone for folks that are as carb sensitive as you and I need to tweak the carbs down and the fat up.

Going to read that and give it a try. Will keep you posted on my blog, bswcrossfit.blogspot.com.