Monday, January 26, 2009

Anabolic Diet: Week Four

I ate slightly more calories this week, a total deficit of 6000 calories. I lost 1.5 pounds which is just what would be expected. I may need to add more an additional carb up day, I did a 10K run yesterday and it took 55:00, and felt harder than it should have. It might be my shoes though. I'm going to try just eating rather than tracking everything for a week and see what happens. Also I seem to be losing muscle, I think I need more protein overall: 200 grams a day seems to be key.

Dec 30 weight: 193.5 pounds @ 21% bodyfat lean mass 153.25#
Jan 05 weight: 188.5 pounds @ 19% bodyfat, lean mass 153#
Jan 12 weight: 185.5 pounds @ 18.5%153# lean mass
Jan 19 weight: 183.5 pounds @ 18.0% bodyfat 151# lean mass
Jan 26 weight: 182.0 pounds @ 17.5% bodyfat 150# lean mass


Theron said...

Try ChiRunning. It allow you to run longer with less risk of injury.

Maximus Lewin said...

I do something similar, POSE running.