Sunday, January 4, 2009

Anabolic Induction Day Six

Today I did the carb-up phase, but did not go nuts. I ate more like I would on a normal "Zone" day. I did have a few plain pancakes for breakfast, but they turned out not to be much of a high-carb source, according to FitDay. Oh, well, I can't have more for a month unless I make them myself as I am starting the CFEB 30-Day No Sugar Challenge at Midnight. Along those lines I finished my TJ's hot sauce that I was surprised to see had sugar in it, as well as some TJ's Frozen Broccoli/Water Chestnut with Sauce that has a bunch of sugar as well. I also had some low-carb ice cream-ish thing with berries and granola.

Calories: 2250
Protein: 150
Carb: 195
Fat: 90
Negative Calorie Balance: 950


Firebreather's WOD from CFEB

For Time:
100 Kettlebell Swings 2.0P


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