Thursday, January 8, 2009

Anabolic Diet Day Nine

Very busy day today, not much time to post. I'm getting nasty leg cramps from the ultra-low carb protocol. I need a potassium supplement.

Calories: 2100
Protein: 195
Carb: 45
Fat: 120

Negative Calorie Balance = 600


Daniel said...

Rebecca used to get horrible foot cramps, and Potassium didn't help. Then she tried Zinc/Magnesium/Calcium supps from TJ's, and the cramps magically disappeared.

Food for thought.

Rebecca said...

Yeah - what Daniel said - that Magnesium, Calcium, ZInc supplement from TJ's was definitely a fantastic discovery. I still get the occasional cramp, but nothing like what they used to be.

Definitely make sure you're getting enough Magnesium - for someone as active as you (us) - 100% RDA isn't enough because physical activity burns it up. SO while you can get too much and that's a bad thing 150% for an active person is probably about right.

Evelyn Rodas said...

I've been on those, on D&R's recommendation for months. They're cheap too!