Monday, January 5, 2009

Anabolic Induction Day 7: Results

Starting weight: 193.5 pounds @ 21% bodyfat lean mass 153.25#
Ending weight: 188.5 pounds @ 19% bodyfat, lean mass 153#

Very satisfied with this, although based on my careful tracking this week, using FitDay, in the last six days I have created a caloric deficit of 9000 calories. This would suggest losing 2.5 pounds, not 5 as is the case, so I believe the breakdown of weight loss is as follows:

2.25 pounds: bodyfat
0.25 pounds: muscle
2.50 pounds: water

Those are absolutely stellar results and are exactly in line with Dr. DiPasqules claim that this diet will yield losses of 90% bodyfat 10% muscle mass, along with significant water weight in the first few weeks. This is doubly impressive as I had 200 g of carb yesterday in the loading phase, and experienced no bloat, suggesting I'm still strongly in fat-burning mode. In addition, I am continuing to perform at a high level in both strength and Metcon workouts.

Finally, my waist went from 37.25 to 36.0, and since my hip is 38 inches, this gives me a ratio of .94, in the healthy range. I realized recently that I don't hold the dangerous kind of abdominal fat. Even at my present, quite fat, body comp, I can see my upper abs. I am, however cursed with holding large amounts of fat on the hips: "love handles", measurement at the bellybutton is 38 inches. As I have written here before, even at 10.5% bodyfat, I still have them: I can have a six-pack and love handles at the same time. I am more determined than ever to get to a healthy body comp and investigate cosmetic surgery options, and the haters can go f themselves.


Calories 1850
Protein 175
Carb 45
Protein 105
Negative Calorie Balance 1450


OHS 15-5-5-5


Bench Press 5-5-5

210-210-210(fail 4, nearly tore pec, scary)

Climbed 11a!


Daniel said...

Nice results! Very impressive for a single week. Do you use an electronic scale or a measurement calculator to get your BF%?

Maximus Lewin said...

Electronic scale.