Monday, January 19, 2009

Anabolic Diet Week 3 Weigh-In

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Dec 30 weight: 193.5 pounds @ 21% bodyfat lean mass 153.25#
Jan 05 weight: 188.5 pounds @ 19% bodyfat, lean mass 153#
Jan 12 weight: 185.5 pounds @ 18.5%153# lean mass
Jan 19 weight: 183.5 pounds @ 18.0% bodyfat 151# lean mass

This week indicates a massive loss of muscle mass, but I suspect that it is simply the margin of error of my bioelectric impedance scale. I look trimmer, I fit into my motorcycle jacket on the "slim" setting (it is 3-way adjustable) and I deadlifted 380# this week, not far off my all-time best at a bodyweight of 193. Also I had alcohol Sunday, which may throw off the scale. First booze in 3 weeks, and I'm healthy enough that it did not throw me too badly, but I definitely don't feel as crisp as I have lately. Not really worth it.

Caloric deficit for week = 8000


Anonymous said...

Hey, Max--
Two questions:

1. I thought you were on the "metabolic" diet (not "anabolic") by DiPasq, correct?

2. You said "not really worth it". Are you saying the diet effort is a scrub?


Maximus Lewin said...

Anabolic/Metabolic - same thing

Diet is great, booze not worth it.