Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Anabolic Diet Day Eight: The Search For Sugar

Sugar-Containing Foods

I'm doing the CFEB 30-Day No Sugar Challenge. This is not hard for me, I don't have a huge sweet tooth, however it is a pain in the ass, I cannot quite believe all of the items that have sugar in them, it's outrageous and unnecessary. Roasted chickens at the supermarket? WHY would you put sugar in a CHICKEN?? It is mystifying. Anyway I went through my kitchen and threw out everything with sugar in it. I am certainly going to be checking labels more carefully in the future!


Calories: 1950
Protein: 175
Carbs: 45
Fat: 95
Negative Calorie Balance: 1350


None really, ran a mile or so as part of my coaching


Evelyn Rodas said...
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Evelyn Rodas said...
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Maximus Lewin said...

Only some kinds of mustard.

Rebecca said...

After seeing that chili sauce I had a sudden fear that the tapatillo that we had on our burritos this evening contained sugar - we didn't even think to check. Thankfully, it does not!

I thought no sugar was going to be easy. I do not have a sweet tooth, do not (usually) crave the stuff, and Daniel already wouldn't let me bring anything home.

I am now incredibly paranoid about accidentally ingesting sugar. I can't BELIEVE how much stuff out there has sugar in it. No wonder we're a nation of fatties. It IS a pain in the ass to avoid it.

Maximus Lewin said...

I would be willing to bet that just about any restaurant meal, certainly a burrito, has some kind of sugar in it.