Thursday, September 6, 2007

Day Fifty-Two: Visual Record Redux

Here is a bit of personal history:

Top left: Pre-CF 196, 30% bodyfat. This is AFTER I lost 15 lbs, and had about 15 lbs less lean mass than I do today. Yikers.

Top right: 179.5, 17.5% bodyfat

Bottom left: 179.5, 17.5% bodyfat

Bottom Right, today 175.5, 15.5% bodyfat

And here is what I am shooting for (Greg Admunsun, perhaps 8% bodyfat)

Block count: 12 (not enough, but I have been eating like a swine, see previous post)

Workout: Helen

Time 10:13 PR

Bonus: Three ring muscle-ups!! First ones.

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tbonmisfit said...

Yeah, you do kinda look like that guy.