Friday, September 28, 2007

Day Seventy-Eight: OUCH!

I got 30 pull-ups yesterday, a lifetime PR and clear sign that I am getting my strength back while maintaining moderate bodyfat (scale said 171.5 today, up a bit). I ripped my hand open badly unfortunately, as I have the Barbell Cert tomorrow. Ack. I'm going to dial back the fat a bit to + .5x, I may be consuming too many calories.

7AM 3/8 cup Steel Cut Oats, bit 'o' apple, 1/4 oz nuts 1 egg, 4.5 oz ground turkey = 4 blocks + .5x fat

10AM 3/4 Detour Buzz Bar = 3 blocks, low carb

1PM 5 oz chicken thigh, 2 low-carb tortilla, bit 'o' brussel sprout, 1/2 grapefruit = 4 blocks

4:30PM 4.5 oz ground turkey, 1 low-carb tortilla 2/3 cup mashed yam, pat butter, provolone/salami stuffed pepper = 3.5 blocks.

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