Saturday, September 8, 2007


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(As Taken from the CFO Skill Assessment Guidelines) These are the benchmarks I have done in the past year. I could not necessarily do all of these things today.

-100 free squats L2
-300 lb back squat (1.5x bw) L3
-395 lb deadlift (2x bw) L3
-18.5 inch standing vertical jump L2
-37 Push-ups L2
-30 Push-ups on rings L3
-250 lb Bench Press (1.25x bw) L3
-165 lb Shoulder Press (.75x bw) L3
-2 min Handstand Hold (against wall) L2
-21 Dip on rings L2
-15-foot Rope Climb (no feet) L2
-165 lb Power Clean L2
-185 lb Clean (1x bw) L3
-28 Pull-Ups L2
-Muscle-up on bar (ugly) L2
-Muscle-up on rings (ugly) L2
-30 V-ups L2
-15 Hanging Knees to Elbows L2
-10 second L-sit L1
-185 lb OHSQ (1xbw) L3
-1 pood Kettlebell Snatch: 30 each arm L2
-45 reps of 82.5 lb Thrusters (.5x bw) L2
-Sandbag carry (modified) 100 lbs, 1 mile L3
-3:20 min 800-meter Run L2
-2000 meter row 7:26 L2
-6:00 min 1-mile run L3
-8:50 min 2000-meter Row
-Helen: 10:13 L2
-1:34 min 400-meter run L2
-1:26 min 500-meter Row L3
-115 lbs Power Snatch (.5x bw) L2

My goal for the next year is to recapture all of the above (based on my present bodyweight of course), defined as being able to do them all within 2 weeks of each other and to add the following:

  • Vertical jump 25" -L3
  • Bench Press 2.5x bw - L4
  • Press 1x bw - L4
  • HSPU 21 full ROM - L4
  • Ring Dips 30 - L3
  • Ring Dip with .75x bw - L3
  • Rope climb 2 times, no feet - L3
  • Pull-ups 40 - L3
  • Weighted Pull-up .5x bw - L3
  • L-Sit 30 seconds - L2
  • 2000 Meter Row 7:10 L3
  • Cindy 22 Rounds L3
  • 500 Meter Row 1:25 L4

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