Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 56 (Counting Down)

Started Eight week diet with goal of losing 20# today. I will accept performance decrease, and some, but hopefully not much, muscle loss.

Start stats:
Bodyweight: 193#
% bodyfat: 20%
Lean Mass: 155#

Calories In: 1500
Calories Out: 3400

Food sources: meat, vegetables, fruit, dairy, nuts, seeds.

Supplement sources: Met-RX, Arimatest, Hexaghen, Arson, Fish Oil, Multi, Black Powder.

WOD 1: Oly lifting (3RM Clean, best of 5 attempts)
WOD 2: Row 5 K in 21;30
WOD 3: Oly Practice

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YPA said...

Pictures of food are baaacccckkk!!! Yessssss!