Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day Forty-Three(Counting Down) The Rules Apply To Me Too.

I did my first weigh-in today:
Two week calorie deficit:15,500 calories
Expected weight loss: 4.4 pounds
Actual weigh loss 4 pounds
Begin weight 193 % 20% bodyfat (155# lean)
End weight 189 @ 19% bodyfat (153# lean)

This protocol of attempted huge caloric deficits did not work. I lost 50% lean and 50% bodyfat, which is unacceptable. I was unable to keep going with the huge deficits. I got viciously spun down and performance started falling very far down.

I realized recently that, for various reasons, I have engaged in a lot of negative self-talk lately, and have really not been rational about many things, one being my health, fatness, etc.

I went back and looked over this blog to see what really worked. I came across the collage above, showing:

12.12.05 210 lbs 30% bodyfat 147 lean
12.12.06 181 lbs 18% bodyfat 148.5 lean
11.01.07 171 lbs 14% bodyfat 147 lean
11.15.07 168 lbs 13% bodyfat 146 lean

And this picture, taken today of me at 189 lbs 19% bodyfat, 153 lean.

While I am not thrilled with my physique just now, it is worth remembering that I still have 46 pounds less fat than when I started this journey and 19 pounds more of vastly more functional muscle. I don't have a photo, but I got the bod pod reading of 36% bodyfat in Spring 2005. I was obese.

I would very much like to get back down to where I was, and I have been beating myself up for being old, fat, over the hill, etc, but the fact is: I am only 42 and my PEAK lifetime fitness was at 41 years old. This is like a 23 year old moaning that they are not in the shape they were at when they were 21. I would laugh at them. Today I almost gave up on the WOD, when it became clear my performance was going to be nothing special. Terrible attitude. I have to go through mediocre WODs to push back into advanced territory.

Anyway, looking at it rationally, rather than bemoan what I have lost, I should be thankful it is still possible to get back there or even improve. Plus I am stronger than I was at 168 pounds, by A LOT (like 80-90 pounds more on deadlift) and have even pulled some new records lately (309 FGB a long-time goal).

So. I have a couple of resolutions:

1: Recognize and interrupt negative self-talk.
2: Don't be a pussy. Work through hard WODs and accept them for what they are.
3: Use what worked: Regular WOD schedule, 17 blocks + .5x fat. Extra workouts if they feel good, as I wish to do them.

Calories In:
Calories Out:

Food sources: meat, vegetables, fruit, dairy, nuts, seeds.

Supplement sources:
Met-RX Protein Plus,
Fish Oil
Black Powder.

WOD 1: Norcal Qualifier WOD 1 (scaled)

Row 500 Meters
30 burpees
10 overhead anyway anyhow 155# (RX was 165).


Thanks so much to my team for pushing me to finish this. Slap me if I fucking whine about the WOD again.


Rebecca said...

That's excellent, Max! These are all great resolutions. It can be super helpful to look back to see how far you've come to put the present in perspective.

Connie Moreno said...

You've made tremendous gains, Max. Happy to see that you are finally acknowledging the progress you've made. Never give up!