Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vibram Five Fingers!

I have been eating in the Zone again, and reduced my workout volume in favor of quality.

The last three WODs have been decent:

"Sprint" (hardly) repeats - done in Vibram Five Fingers, KSOs (Keep Stuff Out. They felt great, but made my feet sore. No question years of running, etc. in trainers has made my feet weak and I am looking forward to strengthening them. The hill sprints trying to keep up with Daniel left me breathing harder than anything, ever, bar none. Total hyperventilation! Rebecca and Ynez were like, you should breath more deeper, and I was like, I wish I could!

Overhead Press 135-140-145-150-155-160(fail)-160.

Still 5 pounds off PR, but better than any recent lift. Done in Vibram Five Fingers.

Mid-Atlantic Qualifier WOD
Squat Snatch
Subbed push-ups for C2B Pull-ups (elbow bugging me)


VERY happy with this!! Something clicked in the first set of Squat Snatches, and I finally, after years and years of trying figured out how to really drop! I started laughing maniacally in the middle of the WOD even though I was in pain. Done in Do-Win lifting shoes, but I did a bunch in the Five Fingers too and they felt good.

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