Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 50 (Counting Down)

Calories In: 2900
Calories Out: 2800

Food sources: meat, vegetables, fruit, dairy, nuts, seeds, tortillas.

After last night's over-the-top working out, including 2AM lifting n drinking (not recommended) I was totally, wreckedly tired today. It's been over a month since I had alchohol, and I can say without a doubt, that to endure this sort of calorie-negative, high-volume cortisol-fest, one ought to stay away from alcohol or anything that might compromise ones already on-the-edge ability to recover.

Anyway, today was taken as a rest day, which was part of the plan (one rest day per week) back at it tomorrow with another 5K row, clean + jerk and 100 inverted burpees!. Yay! Inverted burpees!

I will weigh in next week (on day 43, two weeks in). I expect to have dropped 4-6 pounds.

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