Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Day One, Sort Of

This blog will, hopefully, document my success using CrossFit and the Zone Diet to achieve one of my fitness goals.

I am a CrossFit Level 2 trainer in Oakland CA. As a trainer, and 40 year old man it has become clear to me that it is time to seriously address my diet. I am at an unacceptable 20% bodyfat at weight of 189 lbs: that is 38 lbs of bodyfat and 151 lbs of lean mass. By contrast, 15 years ago I was 159 lbs with a bodyfat of 10%. That is 16 lbs of bodyfat and 145 lbs of lean mass. The good news, sort of, is that I am stronger and more athletically skilled in general than I was back then. That's me on the right at the L2 cert on July 8th, looking rather portly at 193 lbs.

Assuming I lose no muscle mass and lose over half my bodyfat, I should be as lean and strong as I have ever been. I will be using three methods to achieve this goal:

  1. "Out-of-the-box" CrossFit. I will be doing all of the national site WODs. However, I will scale or rest if my performance is static or retrograde.
  2. Zone Diet with a heavy, but not strict, emphasis on Paleo. I will be eating at least 14 blocks and will add up to 3 more blocks if I cannot handle the hunger, or it seems to be affecting my performance.
  3. Fitday tracking software
According to FitDay I need to lose 1.84 lbs per week to reach my goal in 76 days (10/01/2007).

Day One:

I cut out alcohol 3 days ago. This will be the hardest part. I cut out grains two weeks ago, and have already lost 4 lbs. This part is not too hard for me.


8AM 2 Cups of Milk = 2 blocks

Noon 3 oz salmon, 1 0z cheese, 2 cups grapes = 4 blocks

4PM 2 cups of milk = 2 blocks

8PM 7 chicken wings, 1.5 apples = 3 blocks

10PM Nicoise salad = 2 blocks

Workout 1: weighted pull-ups ending at a PR of 50, plus light warmup
Workout 2: Row 3K on Concept 2 rower.


Connie said...

Wow, it sounds like you're off to a great start, the WOD followed by 6K on the rower!!!
You'll be at your target weight in no time Max!
Keep up the hard work, I'll be cheering for you!
(Guess this means no more late nites with Jack huh?)

Maximus Lewin said...

Yeah Jack is gonna miss me!