Sunday, July 22, 2007

Day Five: Retrograde Performance

Today was a big crash: stress, plus not enough food, plus too much exercise left me limp as a noodle during today's WOD, Fight Gone Bad. I got a 204, my worst score ever and far off of my pb of 289. Time to make some adjustments: more food and take a .5 volume week this week.

8AM 1 cup milk= 1 block

10AM 6 oz beef, 2 cups broccoli, .5 onion, 1/4 cup coconut milk w/ tsp Thai Chili Paste = 4 blocks

Noon 2 cups milk = 2 blocks

5PM Chinese Food: Broccoli Beef, Chicken String bean, 1/4 cup brown rice = 5 blocks

10PM Chinese food: Chicken string bean + peach + 6 almonds = 2blocks

Phew: finally got 14 blocks on the nose!

Workout: WOD; Fight Gone Bad: score 204 (ouch!)

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