Monday, July 23, 2007

Day 7: Week One Weigh-In

Today, I did my weekly weigh-in, which I will do weekly in the am after elimination and before breakfast.

I am a bit ahead of schedule, which is not a surprise as I have not eaten enough this week. I have gone from 189 lbs at 20% bodyfat (151 lbs lean, 38 lbs fat) to 186 at 19% bodyfat (150.5 lean, 35.5 fat). Clearly, I need to make sure I get at least 14 blocks, as losing .5 lbs of muscle a week would be less than ideal. However this rate of loss would result in very favorable body composition. In eight weeks at this rate I would be at 162 lbs with 146.5 lbs of lean mass and 15.5 lbs of lean mass at a bodyfat of 9%

I would rather maintain (or increase) my lean mass, lose slightly less bodyfat, and make the changes more slowly, as I believe it will be more sustainable.

Also this week's cycle will be done at 50% intensity to enable me to recover from the last week of brutal stress, hypocaloric eating and intense workouts.

8AM Coffee, 2 cups 2% milk + 6 almonds = 2 blocks

10AM 6 oz ground beef, 2 cups broccoli, .5 onion, 1/4 cup light coconut milk, Thai chili paste, 1 apple = 4 blocks

1PM 1 cup 2% milk+ 3 almonds = 1 block

5PM 1 cup 2% milk + 1 raw egg + 2 oz lite coconut milk + 6 almonds = 2 blocks

9PM 6 oz chicken leg, no skin, 2 cups broccoli, .5 onion, 1/4 cup light coconut milk, Thai chili paste, 1 apple = 4 blocks

Workout: "Helen" @ 50% volume: 4:50 + medium warmup, 3 mile bike ride


Amy said...

Great work Max! you are an inspiration for taking charge of your health! what do you think would happen if you boosted your first meal of the day (FMOD) to 4 -5 blocks (to see if you can get recover your body from overnight fast and perhaps give you a better sense of energy in the day. like 4-3-3-1, or something like that. I notice you undernourish the first 5 hrs of your day. Amy

Maximus Lewin said...

Yeah, that would be better, but I have just not been hungry in the AM, plus I find if I don't leave enough blocks for the PM, I get hungry.