Thursday, January 10, 2008


45 foot climbing rope at Ironworks

OK so you do have to be a member of Ironworks, but once you are, you can attend all eight classes (held Saturday and Sunday at 11AM) for free. The monthly rate is only $63.00 and for the month of January the $100 initiation fee is waived. When the program demonstrates some success, we should be able to add some classes.

Berkeley Ironworks
is a pretty amazing facility and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to offer CrossFit classes there. There a bunch of machines, and a mirror or two, but we will just ignore those or use them for obstacle courses or Parkour (just kidding Paul!).

Almost all of the equipment we need to do just about everything is there already, and management seems amenable to getting anything else we need, including real pull-up bars. Ironworks has C2 Rowers, Lots of Olympic bars and weights (no bumpers unfortunately), Rings(!), kettlebells, Dynamax Med Balls, jump ropes, serviceable pull-up bars and a 45 foot climbing rope! And, of course, a huge, 45 foot climbing wall!

So what are you waiting for to join??


8AM Breakfast Sandwich, 1 cup milk = 5 blocks

2PM ISS OH YEAH BAR = 3 blocks

9PM 4 sausages, 8 oz squash, 4 glasses red wine = 5 blocks

Block Target = 14

Block Total = 13

Workout: None

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Connie Moreno said...

Welcome home maxi!!! I feel you on getting back on track, except for me it was the tequila that did it rather than rum.

Good luck with your new class at Ironworks!