Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Back From The Keys, Time To Get Serious!

I'm back from the sub-tropics, it was fun, but now I must deal with the reality of a few extra pounds put on during the extended holiday. I start teaching CrossFit at Ironworks this week, and need to work on my new year's goal of 159 and under 10% bodyfat by March 21st. That is about 15 lbs. I wonder if all the rum and key lime pie could have had anything to do with this?

8AM .5 cup milk, 1/2 English muffin, 2 eggs = 2.5 blocks

3PM ISS OH YEAH! Bar = 3 blocks

6PM Trader Joe's Green Curry Tuna, .5 English muffin, 1 egg = 3 blocks

9PM Ceasar Wrap w/ 1/2 bread removed, glass of red wine = 4 blocks

11PM Whole wheat crack, I mean English muffin, sausage = 4 blocks

Block Target = 14 blocks

Block Total = 16.5 blocks

Time: 26:10, with bunch of subs, weak.

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Anonymous said...

You look too cool Max! Best of luck at Ironworks!