Friday, January 25, 2008

Blog of Note: Dirt Diva

The blog of this self-proclaimed "Fit as Fuck at 43" CrossFitter and Ultramarathoner (ugh) is well worth checking out!

9AM .5 cup milk, 2 servings cottage cheese, 1 cup berries, 9 raw almonds = 3.5 blocks

1PM 4.5 oz steak, 3/4 lb veggies, bit of olive oil = 3 blocks

9PM 48 oz Beer, 2 oz Cheese, 6 oz steak @ Trappist = 6.5 blocks

Midnight 2 slices crispbread, 2 oz pork, 1 oz cheese = 2 blocks (high protein)

Block Target = 14 blocks

Block Total = 15 blocks

"Nasty Girls"
Time: 16:31 (PR)

1 comment:

Catra said...

Hey Maximus-
Thanks for putting my picture and link to blog up.
Crossfit rocks. I'm going to my first cert. the running & endurance training in Newport beach next month. And in march I will be going for my level 1.
I'm excited.
Love the blog.
Have a beautiful day.