Monday, January 21, 2008

Back To The Grind Day Zero

Climbing Robot!

A few things have led me to the conclusion that it is time to buckle down and face the music:

A: my weight is back up to 173 at more than 16% bodyfat.
B. My latest "Lynne" score was down almost 50 points!
C. My newest obsession, climbing, is benefited by low bodyweight.

So. As of tomrrow, for a period of six weeks I shall:

-Weigh and Measure everything
-Eat 14 blocks Sunday Dinner through Friday Lunch
-Eat 18 blocks +1x fat on the "weekend"
-allow one cheat meal a week
-drink only red wine, in moderation
-In addition to the WODs, I shall add 5 low-intensity calorie burning workouts per week, either climbing or rowing.

Tomorrow will be my "reset" first weigh-in.

Goal: lose 10-11 lbs of bodyfat with no loss of muscle mass or performance.