Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tweaked IF

The last two day, I have eaten 1500 calories in a six-hour window, all super-favorable near-paleo foods.


Done in hour 16 of fast.

Grace (30 Clean and Jerk for Time)

4:40 (PR, last time was 5:59).

I think I could do this in 2:59 with proper coaching.

Climbed with Andrea after CF:

5.10a "Ira" - surprisingly difficult
5.11a "Green" - fail, got about 60% of the way
5.10d - finished, first try, best climbing I have done in a while.
5.11a "Pink" - tried hard, got pumped, fell off
V3 - got it!


Daniel said...

1500?! Holy crap. I hope you're putting in some binge days, 'cause I doubt that's sustainable without putting yourself in starvation mode. Good work on upping the quality of your foods.

Was the 10d Jim's new one? I'm eager to give that one a shot. Maybe we'll get a chance this weekend...

Maximus Lewin said...

I think my metabolism is a bit unusual. I do really, really well on this protocol, and since I probably have 15-20 pounds of fat to lose, if this is enabling me to use it as fuel, I'm in no danger for some time. As long as my performance continues to increase I shall not worry about it.

The 10d was the one I tried last time we climbed together when I ended up being on the wrong rope. I could not do Jim's, but I think your reach will give you a huge advantage on it.