Thursday, September 4, 2008

What Does It Take? Cosmetic Surgery?

My post-atkins results are very discouraging.

Pre-Atkins: 178, 18% bodyfat, 146 lean
Post-Atkins: 172, 14% bodyfat, 146 lean
Now: 182, 18.5% bodyfat, 149 lean

OK, so I am a bit stronger, but I seem to go right back to an unacceptable 18% bodyfat as soon as I stop paying attention: mind you, I'm still working out harder and more frequently, and eating better than 90%++ of people so this really sucks.

Anyway, the thing that has worked the best so far is just strict zone, between 1x and 3x fat, with 14 blocks for loss and 18-19 blocks for maintainance, so I'm back at that.

I went to Bikram Yoga (which was my pre-CF fitness regimen) and it was great, but you stare in the mirror the whole time: I actually am satisfied with my body overall, but I always have "love handles" that I just hate, and I have had them even at 10.5% bodyfat, the lowest I have ever been measured at (159 pounds, over 10 years ago). I am seriously considering liposuction on just this area, at the very least I think I will go in for a consultation. I certainly would not do this before at least getting as lean as I have been in the last 10 years (13% bodyfat or below).

Yesterday I had 13 blocks, all clean and did about 150 burpees.


Evelyn Rodas said...
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Catra said...

Sometimes it does take cosmetic surgery to get results ;)

I have always had hips,saddle bags. I even was anorexic and weighed 89 pounds and still had fat in that spot.
I have worked out forever. Could never get ride of that fat in that area. So last year when I had a boob job I got lipo. Super happy with the results. Such a little thing can make a huge difference.
My doctor said the fat he got out of that area was a healthy stubborn fat. He really had to work at getting it out.

I am 5'3 and weigh 115. My weight is between 110-118 depends on my racing and training.

I use to have to buy size 5 pants because the hip area was to tight but the waist was always big. Now I just buy size 3 and they fit great.

All my life i tried hard to get rid of that fat on my hips but nothing worked.
I have no regrets. It wasn't like I didn't try by diet or exercise.

If it makes you happy and feel good I say do it.

P.S I try to eat in the zone most days but it's harder being a vegan ;) I can only eat so much soy.

Maximus Lewin said...

EV - you are naturally lean, and finally getting in the Zone is working wonders for you, and quickly. I don't have such favorable genetics.

Catra - thanks for the support, I have struggled with problem areas my whole adult life, and I have done tons of excerise, as I said even at 10% or so when I could clearly see all of my abs, I still had the excess baggage. I think I will go in for a consult. It could not hurt.

FRW said...

this may sound harsh... but if you take the easy way out.. you will just be cheating yourself and will the result be your results or just another band-aid on the underlying problem of effort=results. dont cheat your self.

Maximus Lewin said...

FRW - No offense taken. The problem is that effort in is not yielding desired results out, and due to my genetics they may not. I looked at your blog and I'm guessing I'm a bit further along in my athletic development than you (and 20 years older): the closer you are to your genetic potential the harder it is to achieve results.

BTW, your goal to win the CF games is a great one, but Gym Jones is unlikely to be the medicine you need. Find a real CF affiliate, stick the WODs as RX, hit them as hard as possible, get adequate rest. Do this for two years and you will be as fit as it is possible for you to be.

TomC said...

I think that considering cosmetic surgery should alert you that your quest to change your body has veered into realms best avoided. Obsessing over body fat percentages, love handles, and six-packs are activities that have little value besides diverting your energies from things that actually matter. You have become strong, fit, and healthy. Enjoy what you have and don't worry about the rest.

Maximus Lewin said...

Interesting that people who are naturally lean (EV, TomC, FRW) have such a strong negative reaction to this.

With all due respect you have no idea what it is like to live in a culture that constantly, overtly and covertly, tell you that you are not good enough, when it comes to your weight and bodyfat (your might emphasize about some other way you are judged).

I'm going to try and get under 10% bodyfat: then I will see if I still feel like a consult. I suspect I will.

Laurent said...

forget lipo and go for hair club.

MedPathGroup said...

I say if you can lose fat by doing exercise routines then yes just do away with cosmetic surgery and just go for natural ways of losing that fat. Well, i also believe that it's a case to case situation. There are people who react poorly on exercises and can go better off undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Loren said...

first off, medpath needs to stay away from drugs, because they have rotted away the intelligent part of the brain where everyone (including the scientific communities) understand that EVERYONE REACTS well to exercise, that's why it's called exercise not twinky stuffing.

Second, Catra wouldn't have had lipo if she ate meat instead of all carbs cause sorry honey soy doesn't cut it, look up some macrobiotic diets and they might be able to get you close to a meat eaters ability to tone and be strong but not that close!
And third, Liposuction is for the vain no one else! If you know who I am then come and talk to me. You know I've had a midriff for a long time, and you also know that i can dish out a lot of pain at any rx'd crossfit workout. Oh and I know if I or others truly stayed on a diet long enough, years if need be we could lose the midriff, but I don't care that much and it sounds like you don't have the time.
Get lipo and you may as well join the rank and file of blonde, plastic and botoxed freaks in SoCal. Were NorCal remember!

Evelyn Rodas said...

While I agree with you about vegetarianism/veganism, I think the message to Catra was really harsh and unwarranted, Loren. I doubt you'll read this but I just had to say that.

Evelyn Rodas said...

Oh, and Max, with all due respect, I am NOT naturally lean. I work really hard to be lean. I just have a different body composition than you. Also, I DO understand how hard it is to be in a society that reveres slenderness/youth/beauty, etc. I think you are forgetting entirely who you are talking to.

Catra said...

Loren until you walk in my shoes don't judge me.
It has nothing to do with eating meat or not it's called genetics.

Loren also I don't eat a lot of carbs I watch my carb in take. You don't know me so until you do please don't comment on me.
Have a great day.

Hey Evelyn thanks for the comment.

I believe the bottom line is whatever makes us happy.
Running 100 miles a week and doing crossfit 5 days a week makes me happy. Most people will always have an opinion about what they feel is right.
The bottom line is we are all different and learn something new everyday for people I meet.

Maximus I respect whatever you decide to do.

Maximus Lewin said...

Hmmm... If I got hair implants, then I could get my "Billy Idol" hairdo from the 80s back!

Some serious judgmental comments here, at least I know the people who are making them have about as much tact in person.

The point is: even with massive amounts of effort, even at 10% bodyfat, which is about as low as I can go, and cannot seem to sustain, I still have that one nagging bodypart that bugs me.

Fine, I'm vain, but it is not about a lack of discipline. You guys should read GCBC if you have not.

And Catra, you rock. I'm not a big fan of veganism for various reasons but that is your choice and I appreciate your support.

Loren said...

So here goes, against my better judgment I'm writing this addition.
We are all adults here, if my words were harsh that's because it's what i think. And support comes in all different fashions. Not everyone is going to agree with me, and I don't agree with what I think are baseless claims.
Oh and classic Lewin, in the same sentence that you mention judgmental comments, you add in the piece about tactless behavior.

Maximus Lewin said...

I'm like a Zen Koan.

Evelyn Rodas said...

Fitness, vanity, nutrition, vegetarianism, cosmetic choices...all complex issues and some more loaded than others. Loren, slamming someone is not support, it's slamming. It's a free country. You are free to slam and I am free to say it's not cool. The only thing you gain from expressing your truth is making a statement that benefits you and your beliefs. I'm not saying that is not a worthwhile endeavor. I am saying that there will always be a counter arguement and another perspective. Even if you are absolutely right, why undercut someone else's success, if it's working for them and not harming anyone else. Go for Pareto Optimality. I am not taking a morally superior stance here. I am exercising honesty, as you are. I am not beyond making a total ass of myself or being wrong; I do both of these quite often. Choose your path and walk it proud but don't go running over other people's paths or assume that you know their intrinsic worth. You may be right, you may be wrong, but it's not your life.

Evelyn Rodas said...

On second thought, nevemind. This is exhausting. BTW-Loren, I appreciate your badass athleticism and the fact that you feel comfortable with your body.

Anonymous said...

Dude, if a little bit of lipo is going to make you feel a lot better about yourself, go for it. The people who are discouraging you clearly don't understand that going on a stricter diet isn't going to change the way your body distributes fat. Yes, losing pounds will mean you have less body fat, but as you know that doesn't mean it's going to come from the love handles area.

So go for it. You set a realistic goal of getting your body fat down first and then making a final decision. I see nothing wrong with getting a little work done to make up for a tiny bit of bad genes.