Monday, September 15, 2008

Goals Update

New Posterior Chain Mass

I'm well on track with my fitness goals, but my body composition is sticking stubbornly in the 16-18% range.

However, and this is quite interesting, I have put on 7 pounds or so of lean mass in the last 3 months. I am at about 150 pounds of lean mass right now, almost the highest I have ever been at, and it shows: the 185x2 push-jerk the other day was a surprise.

Quarter One (ends Oct. 6th):

* Bodyfat 11% (17%)
* Weight 169# (183)
* Lean = 146# (completed: 150#)
* CFT 800 (completed)
* Mile 6:30 (completed)
* Fran 5:00
* C&J 165 (completed + Push-Jerk 185x2)

The dreaded Fran is today. 5:00 seems unlikely, but I will try and equal my best of 5:45:

00:00 11 thruster
00:30 5 deep breaths
00:45 10 Thruster
01:15 5 deep breaths
01:30 11 pull-Ups
01:50 5 deep breaths
02:05 10 pull-ups
02:20 5 deep breaths
02:35 8 Thruster
03:05 5 deep breaths
03:20 7 thruster
03:50 5 deep breaths
04:05 15 pull-ups
04:35 5 deep breaths
04:50 9 thruster
05:20 5 deep breaths
05:35 9 Pull-ups


Fran RX 7:30

- a variety of factors could have caused this dismal performance:

a: alcohol
b: hypocaloric state/17 hour fast
c: smoked cigar on Saturday

I'm tempted to keep it real clean and try this again in one week, in a fasted state. God I hate Fran.

Did some climbing with Andrea at Diablo Rock Gym:

5.9x2, no break
5.10ax2 no break
5.10ax2 no break
5.10bx2 (needed 3 minute break, overhanging)


Evelyn Rodas said...

Good luck on Fran. Back's looking strong. It's got to be at least partially due to climbing!

Daniel said...

RE: the "poor" performance on Fran (still beats the hell out of anything I could do), my money is on the cigar (?!) and alcohol. In the immortal words of Coach: "you can't shit in the tank and expect good mileage." Or something like that.

Maximus Lewin said...

Yeah, you don't really inhale, but still it is a filthy habit. I do it only very rarely these days. Last time was maybe Feb?

I'm leaning towards cutting out booze completely, even one drink seems to negatively impact me, which sucks

Evelyn Rodas said...

Hilarious and true. I love the shit in the tank reference, regardless of whether or not you go the quote right.