Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Almost IF/ Full Recovery

I took three days off, and besides my elbow, I feel fully recovered. I've been in the zone for some days now, 13-17 blocks.

Daniel over at ROCK ON is getting good results with IF, and I'm intrigued. I did something similar to this in Tucson back in 02 and got decent results. Today I did Fight Gone Bad in a fairly fasted state (.5 cup milk in coffee, 30 calories in "Black Powder" that I took pre-WOD).

Score was 284, subbed 45# thrusters for wall-ball

Row 20/20/18
Thruster 16/15/10
SDHP 20/20/16
Box Jump 20/18/15
Push-Press 24/27/29

Total - 284

I think my best ever score was 289 with shitty form and best legit was maybe 279, so I am pretty happy with this. I am fairly certain I will (finally) hit 300 at FGB III on the 27th.


Rebecca said...

Congrats on the FGB score Max - that's awesome :)

So - if you're doing FGB with us on the 27th - who's keeping time? :-D

exqweezme said...

Max, wanted to make sure you saw this post from Robb Wolf:

Cortisol may be a culprit.

Maximus Lewin said...

Bekka - I plan to have a CF certifed trainer to help me yell at... er I mean motivate... people, so that way I can do it too.

Squeeze: Thanks, very interesting, and I have certainly been overtrained recently. That sinks it. Burpee challenge is over for me.