Sunday, July 27, 2008

Good Calories, Bad Calories

I'm on about page 300 of "Good Calories, Bad Calories" By Taub;

It is mind-blowing, even shocking, it is hard to believe such a wonky, technical book could be such a page turner. Amongst the revelations:

The link between dietary fat, cholesterol and even saturated fat and heart disease is shall we say, tenuous.

The link between the consumption of proccessed carbohydrate and the "diseases of civilization", such as diabetes, obesity, arteroscrelosis, dementia, Alzhiemer's and cancer is striking, and convincing.

A porterhouse steak may be a much better anti-CHD (heart disease) agent than any amount of any kind of carbohydrate.

An all-meat diet can be enjoyed without any striking negative consequences whatsoever, and does not cause vitamin deficiencies.

This is, by far, the most provocative, convincing and best book I have ever read on nutrition, and I have probably read about 100 such books.

This is day five of the Atkins induction, and I have to say the most striking effect is the lack of effect. I feel fine, I'm fairly sure I'm in ketosis (need to get ketostix)and my performance is OK. Maybe not quite what it is on a strict Zone, but now that I'm in ketosis, perhaps this will change. Also there is a pronounced lack of hunger on what FitDay tells me is at least a 600 calorie negative diet.

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Brian PCF said...

Max - couldn't agree more on GCBC, and that Taubes video you linked to the other day is awesome.

Glad you're giving Atkins a try, stick with it and keep us posted on how it goes.