Wednesday, July 9, 2008

7-08-08: Brief n Brutal

I did "Angie" at .5 volume yesterday:

50 pull-ups (old standard chin over bar 20/15/10/5)
50 Push-ups (20/10/10/10)
50 Sit-ups (25/25)
100 squats (50/25/25)

Time: 9:56

This is interesting: since the most time is spent on the pull-ups, this one is relatively harder than other workouts at .5 volume: for instance a .5 volume Linda (1/2 weight)I did recently in 6 minutes, and at full weight it took me 22:30, nearly four times as long. This one I would have trouble doing in 20 minutes, if I even could. I think my record is 18:30, and that is when I was in top shape.

I ate well again, about 14 blocks, no junk, no sugar, one whole wheat roti, otherwise no refined carb.

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