Tuesday, July 22, 2008

7-22-08: Little more benchmarking

I did a 1:45 row after a workout on a Model D C2. I also did a sub-8 2K right after the Filthy Fifty (31:20): I have high hopes that I will be able to get the L3 standards for these soonish.

I also went to CrossFit Oakland to do the Push-Jerk workout: I hit 186x1 solid, no press-out, which is a PR. I am thinking that I should change my CF games goal of a 225# Clean to a 225# clean & Jerk. I might hire Mike M. to help me with this at some point. There is no standard for the jerk, but if we assume it the same as the clean, I got a bit over BW, so L3. Not bad. I really need to get UNDER the bar, it keeps ending up in front of me, a typical beginner/intermediate mistake.

Relatedly, Paul B. told me he ordered 300# of bumper plates for Berkeley Ironworks!! So psyched!

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