Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Yesterday I did some further testing of benchmarks.

Bench Press is solid Level 3, 1.25x + BW. I did 225 easily and could certainly do more. With reduced bodyweight, this and the overhead press are going to be fairly easy to achieve elite status on. When I reach my ultimate goal for the year of 172# and lean a 258# bench press and 172# overhead will be cake. Luckily, I'm genetically blessed with a naturally large chest and shoulder complex. That would leave one more level four to complete my benchmark goals for the year. Most likely a 430# deadlift would be the next easiest thing, that's only 35# more than my biggest raw lift.

On the dimmer side, I tested my 2K row. A dismal 7:42, not even Level 2. This needs work. Of course as we know stamina is pretty easy to develop, despite it's lack of persistence. It should not take more than six weeks to knock this off. Also the rower at GWPC is old and creaky. I should do some maintenance on it.

I got some V3s yesterday, but my elbow is killing me now: no more climbing 'till the roped comp on Friday at Ironworks.

I ate well yesterday. about 15 blocks, no refined carb at all.

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