Tuesday, July 29, 2008

7-29-08: Wasted

The past two days I have felt AMAZINGLY worn out, but I kept doing Atkins anyway. I'm up at a hot spring type retreat where you cannot cook meat (there is a restraunt that serves meat, but you cannot cook it yourself... fucking hippies!) I think I may not be getting enough food, and my weight is dropping at a frightening pace .5- 1lb a day. That cannot be good. Also this is past the point where is is only water weight. Hopefully this means my "Metabolic Resistence" is low, and I will be able to move to a zone-like 130 grams of carbs in the near future, I think I need it as an athlete.

I finished "Good Calories, Bad Calories" by Taub. I think the most amazing fact I got out of it was that on a severe hypocaloric diet of pure fat and protien, one can lose weight, spare lean muscle and not feel hungry. However, and this is the mind-blowing part, if you ADD 400 calories of carbs to this 800 calories of fat and protien, weight loss is arrested, lean tissue is sacrificed and feelings of hunger become unbearable. The implications boggle the mind.

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