Monday, August 6, 2007

Day Twenty-One: Third Weigh-In: Increased Perfomance

I did my third weigh in today. I am at 182.5. Something seems to be wrong with my bodyfat scale (reads 21% bodyfat), but based on measurements (lowest waist, hip & chest measurement in many years) I am still losing bodyfat, and I would guess, some muscle.

I estimate I am at 18% bodyfat, 150 lbs of lean mass and 32.5 lbs of bodyfat, which is a loss of 1.5 lbs of bodyfat and .5 lbs of lean mass in one week. I am going to increase my block count to 15 and see if I feel stronger and maintain my lean mass, but still lose fat mass.

I have been feeling like my body is in "panic mode" and trying to hold on to bodyfat while shedding lean mass. I am going to try to "reset" by eating 18 blocks + 1x extra fat today.

  • July 30, 2007: 184.5 lbs, 18.5% bodyfat, 150.5 lean
  • August 6, 2007: 182.5 lbs 18% bodyfat, 150 lean
9AM Cliff Builder Bar, 1 cup Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup berries, 30 almonds = 5 blocks + 1x fat

11PM 1oz Gouda, 1/2 cup berries, 3 almonds = 1 block +1x fat

1PM Cliff Builder Bar, 9 almonds= 3 blocks +1x fat

4PM Peanut Crunch Protein bar, six almonds, 6 oz ground turkey, 3 cups broccoli/squash, 1/4 onion, 60 ml coconut milk, 1/2 apple = 6 blocks +1x fat

8PM 6 oz ground turkey, 2 cups veggies, 1 flour tortilla = 4 blocks

17 blocks + extra fat

Workout 1: Snatch working up to 115(F) pathetic.
Workout 2: "Elizabeth": 21-15-9 135# Clean, Ring Dips
Time: 7:40 (PR)

Note: I was stunned by my Elizabeth time. This is a PR by far. I suppose while I may be losing a bit of lean mass, and feel run down, the proof is in the performance that I am doing it right.

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