Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rehab Row

100,000 Meter Rehab Row:

Day 01 5000 Meters in 24:00
Day 02 5000 Meters in 23:00
Day 03 5000 Meters in 20:20
Day 04 5000 Meters in 20:04

Running Total: 20,000 Meters

Kinda pissed at this one, at first I was going to do it as a back-off at 22:00, but then realized, a bit too late, I felt great so decided I was going to go for sub-20 after all, but by then I had rowed 2 K in 8:05, and I just could not get the 5 seconds back.

Rehab-wise this is totally working. My elbow feels as good as it has since May. I am confident this will heal it, and I will be able to start climbing again (carefully).

BTW, the rower that I used has a worn spring, on a brand-new model E, this would be cake.


Rebecca said...

Glad this seems to be working and your elbow is feeling better :)

Evelyn Rodas said...

Tell Lynn to get you a new rower!

steven T said...

when i began reading it I thought you were about to do a marathon row in one session.