Monday, October 6, 2008

Q1 Results, Q2 Revised Plan

Today marks the end of my first quarter of getting ready for the CF games.

My performance increased markedly during this time. I did national schedule, every 4th week .5 volume, with one week off in week 12.
Quarter One:
  • Bodyfat 11% (not met, 17%)
  • Weight 169# (not met 180)
  • Lean = 146 (150)
  • CFT 800
  • Mile 6:30
  • Fran 5:00 (not met 6:19)
  • C&J 165
Mostly my body comp goals went nowhere this quarter (although I put on muscle), and hence, my Fran time was slow: my best time on this has been at under 170. Also the stars never really aligned for me on this one. I did get Fight Gone Bad of 309, which while not on the list, is significant.

CrossFit Toronto Fitness Test Output

According to this, I really need some core work: I may go with a weekly 5x5 Overhead Squat/5x5 Clean workout, which would address this. To avoid overtraining, I think I will replace WODs in which I am already strong with this, but how to do so is a bit tricky: For example at this point, I'm, reasonably good in medium time-domain stuff, so I would probably get more out of this than FGB or 5K. Possibly I may stick to the national schedule, working in the things I need, and regulating the intensity.

I have managed to really tweak my elbow, so before anything else can be done I am doing another 100,000 Meter rehab row. No exercise except rowing until I have completed all of it. I planned to do 4x5Ks as follows: 24:00, 23:00, 22:00, 21:00, but I got carried away today and did it in 20:20. Next short effort will be sub-20 5K. I would also like to row a 7:00 2K and a 1:30 500 M.

100,000 Meter Rehab Row:

Day 01 5000 Meters in 24:00
Day 02 5000 Meters in 23:00
Day 03 5000 Meters in 20:20

Running Total: 15,000 Meters

Quarter Two:
  • Bodyfat 10%
  • Weight 170#
  • Lean = 153
  • CFT = 875
  • Mile 6:00
  • Fran 4:00
  • C&J 190 (Jerk 185x2)
  • Meet ALL L2 Standards, at least 1/2 L3s
I'm reading up on tweaking IF for weight loss. 3 months to lose 10 pounds of fat and gain 3 pounds of muscle while increasing performance across all parameters seems just possible. Everything else looks doable, except the sub-4 Fran.

This is probably going to take more careful programming than just straight CF.

I might just have to map this out exactly, but one thing is certain: I need to regulate my intensity and volume better: I got overtrained twice in this cycle and had an injury the entire quarter that did not heal.


Job One = Diet
Job Two = Planning


Daniel said...

Congratulations on your achievements - you set a really high bar for yourself, and it's great that you met as many goals as you did.

Sorry to hear about the elbow. Man, persistent injuries just suck. I imagine a doctor would tell you not to do anything that uses your elbow for six weeks, but we both know how likely THAT is.

I'm finding the combination of IF and HIIT to be particularly effective at trimming fat. Could mesh well with your rowing regimen...

Evelyn Rodas said...

You've made some impressive gains. Keep truckin'! You can do this.