Tuesday, October 21, 2008

50 Consecutive Chest To Bar Pull-Up Challenge

50 Consecutive Chest To Bar Pull-Up Challenge

The 100 day burpee challenge has drawn to a close. Congratulations to CFEB athletes Chuck Sana and Erica Martinez for completing it.

CrossFit East Bay offers the following challenge, with the goal of being able to perform 50 consecutive C2B (chest to bar) pull-ups, or as many consecutive C2B pull-Ups as possible (meaning more or less).

Track your progress here: "CFEB 50 Consecutive Chest-To-Bar Pull-Up Challenge Log"

This challenge will take 100 days.

On day one, Wednesday, October 22, athletes will perform ONE chest-to-bar pull-up.

Every other day the athletes will perform one additional consecutive chest to bar pull-up:

Day One: One C2B Pull-Up
Day Three: Two C2B Pull-Up
Day Five: Three C2B Pull-Up
Day One Hundred: Fifty C2B Pull-Up

C2B Pull-Ups can be performed as part of the WOD, assuming there are enough consecutive pull-ups in said WOD. For instance, 37 consecutive pull-ups can be performed in Murph, or Angie, but not Cindy or Helen.

If the athlete fails to hit the target number (for example 15 pull-ups on day 30) they will try again (for the preceding example, 15 pull-ups on day 32). If they fail again (for the preceding example 15 pull-ups on day 34) they will drop back 2 pull-ups ( for the preceding example, 13 on day 36, 14 on day 38, 15 on day 40).

If, as above, the athlete falls behind, and at some point feels they can make up some, or all, of the pull-ups, they may attempt it. For the above example, on day 42, 21 pull-ups are called for, but the athlete's target is 16, if they can manage 18 they then attempt 19 or more on day 44.

The point of this challenge is not to accumulate as many reps as possible, but to perform as many consecutive C2B pull-ups as possible, any and all modifications which will lead to doing more consecutive C2B pull-ups are allowed and encouraged, including:

* Starting at a higher number of pull-ups on day one (such as 80% of max rep C2B pull-ups)
* Using a different pyramid scheme
* Anything that will lead to more consecutive C2B pull-ups

You may buy-in at any time, by performing either the RX reps for the day, or your personal best.


Winners in the following categories will receive a CrossFit East Bay "It Hasn't Killed Me Yet" T-Shirt with "C2B Challenge Winner" emblazoned thereon.

Most Men's Consecutive C2B Pull-Ups
Most Women's Consecutive C2B Pull-Ups
Most Boy's (under 16 at start of challenge) Consecutive C2B Pull-Ups
Most Girl's (under 16 at start of challenge) Consecutive C2B Pull-Ups
Most Men's Masters (over 40 at start of challenge) Consecutive C2B Pull-Ups
Most Women's Masters (over 40 at start of challenge) Consecutive C2B Pull-Ups

To be eligible to win, you must be a member of an affiliate, and post a video on YouTube of your effort, filmed at an affiliate, within 24 hours, PDT of the conclusion of the challenge at midnight on day 100. You must post the link to CrossFit Message Board Thread "CFEB 50 Consecutive Chest-To-Bar Pull-Up Challenge Log".

Standard: the standard is the same as the 2008 CrossFit Games standard:

Each rep of the pull-up will count only when full range of motion is achieved. The bottom limit is your arms fully extended. The top limit will be when any part of your chest (from the clavicle down) physically touches the bar. Again, the rep will be considered complete only when your chest contacts the bar. See Photo, above.

Note to CrossFit East Bay Athletes: at the conclusion of this challenge, only C2B pull-ups will count as RX in our WODs.

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