Thursday, May 1, 2008

05-01-08: Metabolic Diet

What a hottie! And that girl is not bad looking either...

Seriously, Fellow CF trainer and Zoner Connie is undertaking the "Metabolic Diet", I'm going to try it too, but first I am really focusing on losing the lard. This is day four, and it is going OK so far. Just so long as I stay strict, I feel fine and have no cravings. We will see if I have the discipline to keep it up for another 33 days.

Check out Connie's blog here:

Fellow CrossFitter, Max and my sister Maria got into a bit of a heated debate at this Saturday's CFO birthday bash. What about? Fat. Yep, fat.
Like most Americans, she too has fallen for the out-dated and unfounded theory that dietary fat is what makes people fat and kills them. The argument is overly-simplistic and just plain false.

This all started of course when Max and I were discussing our fascination with Dr. Di Pasquale's Metabolic diet, which we have both committed to trying out. It is essentially a high fat/protein diet that limits your carb intake to 30g of active carbs/day Monday through Friday followed by two days of high carb intake. Basically, at the end of the week I will be meeting all my fat/protein/carb zone block requirements with a little variation. If all goes as well, this will promote a positive hormonal response that will help pave the way for some major fitness gains!

Here's how it's broken down:

Monday-Friday: High Fat/Protein Intake. Carbs not to exceed 30g/day and will consist primarily of leafy greens and vegetables.
The plentiful supply of fat causes a metabolic shift from primarily burning carbs to primarily burning fats. Insulin levels remains low (which increases GH release). Increased dietary fat is also linked to increased testosterone levels

Saturday - Sunday: High carb, medium fat (30..40%), low protein (10..15%).
This causes an insulin spike. While this can increase fat deposits, it moves more nutrients into your muscles, and has an anabolic effect. The important thing is to switch back to the high fat / low carb mode before you put on too much fat.
(Taken from Impulseadventures website).

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