Sunday, February 3, 2008

The "Slop Factor"

Here is an awesome 4 block meal.

- Package Trader Joe's Frozen Broccoli
- 1 Patty Trader Joe's 96/4% Beef
- 1 Cup Trader Giotto's 4 Cheese Marinara

30 grams protien (120 cal)
30 grams carb (120 cal)
17.5 grams fat (157.5 cal)

You will notice that this is not typical zone, however the carb/protien ratio can be adjusted to anywhere from .6 to 1.0 grams of protien to 1.0 grams of carb. This is known as the "slop factor" (Enter The Zone pp. 65-66), and I tend to do best with this ratio. You will notice the fat is also somewhat high, however since the carbs are 40 calories shy of 4 blocks, the extra fat is negligible in terms of calorie balance.

Block Target - as little as possible

Block Total - 12 + too much carb in the form of mojitos.

Discipline Grade - C+

44KG x 2 KB thruster
32KG KB swing
HSPU to 3" target
Time: about 13 min.

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