Tuesday, April 29, 2008

4-29-08: Never Give Up!

I just finished a 6-week strength cycle, and while I am happy with my progress my body composition seems firmly stuck in the "healthy" range, which is not acceptable!

I'm at 176# and 16% bodyfat, or 149# lean mass. Based on my recent lifts I would estimate the following 1RMs:

Deadlift 388# (PR is 395 @ 193#)
Push-Press 182# (PR)
Squat 252# (PR was 300# @ 193#)
Bench Press 231# (PR was 287.5# a long time ago)
Hang Power Clean 177# (PR)

While my balance of strength and body comp is better than at most points in the past, I am way off my best recent comp of 13.5% bodyfat at 168# some months back, although I do have 3 lbs more muscle.

In a nutshell, here is my plan to shed the bodyfat and stay strong over the next five weeks:

  1. Fairly strict zone, no grains besides steel-cut oats, no alcohol, lots of veggies
  2. 14 blocks, 17 blocks on Saturdays (blocks will be "high-protein" blocks, using "slop factor")
  3. Substitute "Sprint 8" for selected CF workouts, up to 4x per week
  4. One heavy strength workout per week, to try to maintain lean mass (deadlift based)
  5. Use FitDay to track and measure
  6. Blog daily
  7. Create negative calorie balance of 1000 calories per day.

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