Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Secret Squirrel Workouts

We often see our clients doing “extra” or “secret squirrel” programming during open gym hours. We do of course, expect and enjoy seeing you do extra work and honing in on your weaknesses.

We do, however, respectfully suggest that our program is a comprehensive strength and conditioning program that the vast majority of you are not likely to improve upon by adding additional heavy lifting. The most common injury that we see is new trainees (under one year of lifting experience) hurting their backs with additional, maximal deadlifts. We also see folks fry their CNS with  SS heavy lifting all the time.

If you need extra work to improve outside of class, we strongly suggest that most of you leave the programming of heavy deadlifts, squats, overhead lifts, and to a lesser extent, bench presses to us, as well as maximal OLY lifts and other intense maximal activities.

If you want extra work here is partial list of things we suggest:

  • OLY work for FORM, not weight, for example 3×5 hang squat snatch at 60% of 1RM

  • Skill work at non-maximal intensities for example:

    • 7×5 Wall-Ball, with perfect form

    • 3×7 Butterfly pull-up or attempt

    • Handstand walks

    • 3×7 T2B

    • etc.

  • Speed work: 12×2 Box Squat or Bench Press at 50-60% of 1RM.

  • Recovery pace run or row up to 5K

This is by no means a comprehensive list but the idea is: work skills and speed when you are fresh: this will carry over into WODs and cannot be done in the other direction (you cannot do perfect form in a WOD, or at least you cannot learn to do it if you don’t already have it).

Secret Squirrel Workouts

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