Friday, August 9, 2013

The Future of the Program at GWPC

As most of you now know, CrossFit East Bay and the Current CrossFit Program at GWPC, 520 20th St. will become two completely separate programs once we move to our new space at 66 Franklin St. on Jack London Square. We are grateful for the opportunity that Touchstone gave us to start from a shoestring, with two classes a week in January 2008, and build the community we have now. It is now time for us to move on to bigger things, as our vision cannot be contained within the “L” and the parking lot at GW. We truly will miss the funky, old-school vibe and the great times we had at Uptown. Who remember CrossFit On The Roof?? It has been a wonderful journey and we are ever-grateful for the support of Touchstone and our amazing CFEB Community. From competing in the CrossFit Games to informal get-together, it has enriched our lives in every way. Some of you are coming with us. It’s going to be another exciting adventure! Some of you, for various reasons will not, and we are sure you are wondering what is going to happen at GW.

Touchstone has expressed interest in having Rafael run a replacement program at GWPC. I am formally endorsing him as my choice to take over where we leave off. Rafael has demonstrated over many years, a passion for fitness and a burning desire to make our clients better, to find their inner athletes. Rafael has grown as a fitness professional to the point where it makes eminent sense for him to be in charge of his own program. I went through similar evolution  myself in 2007, when I separated from another local Affiliate where I got my start. This is entirely logical and natural.

I understand we will lose some potential members at JLS if Raf starts a new program at GWPC, But I firmly believe spreading the message is more important than the concerns of the moment. And I believe Rafael will join me as a fine ambassador to get our message out there.

It is my hope and desire that Rafael be brought on board to continue the tradition of quality and value we have brought to Touchstone over the last six years. I look forward to us being peers (Throwdown!)

You can let touchstone management know you thoughts by emailing Jeremy Yee, General Manager of GWPC and the person with authority to make this happen.

Thank You for everything!

- Maximus

The Future of the Program at GWPC

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